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Angstrom Research Celeritas 3cc/3ml

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Celeritas is our first two-part lubricant, featuring Reagent A and Reagent B. Similar to other two-part products such as epoxy resins and silicone curing compounds, Celeritas undergoes a chemical reaction when the two components are mixed, and cannot be packaged as a one-part compound. This lubricant creates a fast and smooth turning experience.

Reagent A:

  1.  As a special silicone suspension of carbon based monomers. The silicone and special additives prevent the monomers from cross-linking prematurely, until it is mixed with Reagent B.

Reagent B:

  1. Activates the chemical reaction in Reagent A, and cross-links all of the monomers to produce a unique gliding feeling in the cube.
  2. Extends the longevity of this feeling, allowing this gliding feeling to persist throughout common usage of the puzzle. Celeritas is not a simple water-based, or silicone based lubricant. It combines the best features of multiple lubricant features into one product.

How to use:

  1. Add 1-2 drops reagent A into a clean, dry cube which has been cleaned of previous lubricant. Be careful not to add too much, because the initial lubricity of Reagent A is significantly different from the final feeling. Adding too much will result in an overly slow cube. Do many turns to ensure that Reagent A has coated the inner surfaces of the puzzle. This should take about 2 solves.
  2. Add 2-3 drops of Reagent B, and quickly begin to turn the puzzle to allow consistent reaction between the two Reagents.
  3. After step 3, the cube may either be too fast, or too slow. If it is too fast, it is recommended to use a heavy silicone to slow the puzzle down. If it is too slow, we recommend cleaning the puzzle out, and adding less Reagent A.

Comes with:

  • 3cc bottle of Reagent A
  • 3cc bottle of Reagent B

Note: Some puzzles react better to Celeritas than others. For big cube use, we recommend using less Reagent A, and more Reagent B.

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